Garden Walk Buffalo

We were very excited to talk to Jim Charlier all about the Garden Walk Buffalo.

Jim is a well-traveled garden tourism advocate/consultant, having been a seven-term past president of Garden Walk Buffalo, America’s largest garden tour. Jim has written a gardening blog since 2008, covering his garden travels, the great gardens of Buffalo Niagara, and his own garden successes and failures.

We learned about Garden Walk Buffalos early beginning as a local block party and how it has grown to the largest tour of its kind in North America with over 400 gardens.

This year’s free self-guided tour is July 28- 29. Jim explained many of the features of the tour, how the homeowners participate, how attendees can download the free map. Where to pick up the shuttles so that you can maximize your time and see as many gardens as possible.

Tune in now to learn more and to plan your visit.

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