Gardening Inspiration From Canada Blooms 2013

Canada Blooms 2013 was the best show I had seen in years. A lot of nice display gardens and the hardscaping booths were all creatively done.

Here are some highlights:

Joanne Shaw Canada Blooms 2013 Vertical Gardens
Vertical Gardens were everywhere.

Veggies and Herbs Canada Blooms 2013
Check out the Veggies and Herbs in this Raised Bed.

Interesting Rocks.
Interesting Rocks.

Vertical Vine
Living Fence.

Fire Pit Canada Blooms 2013
Interesting Fire Pit.

Fire and Water Canada Blooms 2013
Combination Of Fire And Water!
Golden Thread Leaf Cypress
One Of My Favorite ‘Evergreens’
Golden Thread Leaf Cypress.



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