Groundcover Revolution

with Kathy Jentz

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The traditional lawn has received a lot of heat over the last few years with many recommending alternatives such as micro-clovers and specialized lawn blends. In this episode of Down the Garden Path, Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing are joined by Kathy Jentz, author of Groundcover Revolution, to discuss the groundcover plants you can use to create a beautiful lawn alternative of your own.

About Kathy Jentz

Kathy Jentz is the editor and publisher of the award-winning Washington Gardener magazine, based in Washington, DC. She hosts the popular GardenDC Podcast and is co-author of The Urban Garden and author of Groundcover Revolution.

Tune in to hear Joanne and Matt speak with author Kathy Jentz.

Here are some of the questions and topics covered in this episode:

  • What inspired you to write about groundcovers and lawn alternatives?
  • Can you define the term groundcover?
  • Do you consider step-ability?
  • What zones do you cover?
  • What benefits do groundcovers provide to our gardens?
  • What is green mulch?
  • How do we transition from groundcover to green mulch?
  • Do you have favourite groundcovers?
  • Do you need to prune or cut back any during the year?
  • To quote your book “so many plants, so few pages.”
    • How do we start narrowing down our choices when selecting the right groundcovers?

Stepping Stones

Listener questions:

  • Is groundcover expensive?
  • Does the groundcover get very big? What is the average height?
  • Does planting groundcover help with erosion? If so, what is the best to plant for this issue?
  • Doesn’t groundcover attract rodents in your yard? It leaves a nice place to nest and hide.
  • I hear the term “carpet forming” regarding groundcover. What does this mean exactly?

Tips to take the next step in your gardening journey.

  • The best selection of fruit trees and shrubs is at your local independent garden centres right now.  
  • Trees and shrubs can be planted now, but softer herbaceous material is still too tender and should be brought in at night.
  • Sod is available and ready for planting. Be sure not to let it dry out as it will take a few weeks to fully root and access the water in the ground below.

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