Growing: Cut Flowers

with Janet Tuenschel of Country Cut Flowers

This month on Down The Garden Path, we’re talking all about growing! We all like to grow plants in many different places besides in the ground. So for the month of March, we are discussing what it takes to get growing indoors in different places. From starting seeds indoors to raised beds and containers, the possibilities are endless! In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Janet Tuenschel, owner of Country Cut Flowers, as we talk about growing cut flowers.

Janet Tuenschel has a little flower farm, just outside Newmarket, called Country Cut Flowers. Her farm is heading into its third year of opening to the public for cut-your-own flower days, workshops and small weddings. The rolling hills at Country Cut Flowers have approximately 1,000 peonies, 6,000 tulips and an acre of mixed perennials and annuals. Janet left the advertising and fundraising worlds to get her hands in the dirt, first with a small gardening business, then with the flower farm. 

**Please excuse the audio quality in this podcast. Matt and I are unable to record together in the studio during this challenging time and will be recording Down the Garden Path from our homes for the foreseeable future.**

Tune into this week’s podcast to learn more about growing cut flowers with our guest, Janet Tuenschel.

She answers some of our questions:

  • What are some of the easiest cut flower varieties to start from seed indoors? 
  • What are some of the more challenging varieties but are worth the effort starting indoors? 
  • Do you have any favourites you have more success with starting outside or ‘direct sowing’?
  • What tips and tricks do you have for our listeners who might be interested in starting a cut flower garden? 
  • Is there anything in the garden you’re looking forward to or new for this year? 
  • You grow cut flowers for all seasons. How do you go about organizing your succession planting to get the most out of/grow for every season?  

Country Cut Flowers offers a cut-your-own service at their farm. To manage this endeavour tickets need to be purchased ahead of time.

Check out the website ( for details on Flower Subscriptions and Workshops. You can also find them on Facebook at Country Cut Flowers and Instagram: @countrycutflowers.

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