Never Stop Improving Your Garden: Stunning Examples Of Beautiful Summer Colour

As I previously mentioned, it is not too late or a bad time to make changes to the garden.

Here is my group of plants that I plan on planting today – yes mid-July and before I head out on a baseball road trip with my son.

summer colour

I personally strived for a simple green and white garden, wanting to focus on textures and my favourite – the lovely long blooming hydrangeas, in many varieties. But lately I have found myself missing a pop of colour. Not necessarily from blooms but from foliage.  As I was looking through the perennial section picking plants for a client, I kept seeing some old favourites and thought about my own garden and where I could improve.

My point is, it is never too late or a bad time to improve your garden and this can even be done by making some small changes.  For example, adding different varieties of sedum in a sunny dried out area where nothing else grows, or creeping jenny in a shady dry spot where you won’t mind it spreading.

Take a sunny day this month and stand back and see where you might be able to add an interesting foliage colour plant into your garden, even if I didn’t include it in your original design! And if you are stumped send me a picture on Facebook of a spot in your garden and I will give you some suggestions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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