Niki Jabbour: Veggie Garden Remix

Niki Jabbour: Veggie Garden Remix


We are excited to welcome Veggie guru Niki Jabbour and her latest book Veggie Garden Remix to this episode of Down the Garden Path Podcast.

One of the hottest and consistently growing topics and commodities in the gardening world is growing your own food. But knowing where to start can be a bit overwhelming. It was wonderful to chat with Niki to learn about what drew her into veggie gardening. Niki explained her inspiration for writing Veggie Garden Remix and she explains how easy it is to grow unusual vegetables, even in Nova Scotia’s short season.

We learn about some of her garden favourites and some of the easiest ones to grow. Tips for container gardening and more. We enjoyed listener questions and even a few laughs.

You can also find Niki blogging at and listen to her on radio show, The Weekend Gardener.





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