Our Environmental Impact: A Climate Conversation

with Eaarthfeels Podcast’s Rose Dunn & Christine Polle

Our Environmental Impact: A Climate Conversation with Eaarthfeels Podcast's Rose Dunn & Christine Polle

A new month means a new topic on the Down the Garden Path podcast. Each week in October, we’ll be discussing our environmental impact. On this week’s episode, we welcome Rose Dunn and Christine Polle from Eaarthfeels podcast.

Tune into this week’s podcast for a climate conversation with Eaarth Feels’ podcasters Rose Dunn and Christine Polle.

Rose Dunn and Christine Polle are mothers who care passionately about the world we are leaving future generations. They believe that an important step towards a livable world is talking about climate change.

The Eaarth Feels podcast is for people feeling overwhelmed by the endlessly gloomy climate news. Rose and Christine offer soul-based conversations about climate change that explore the idea that climate change is happening for us as much as it is happening to us.

About Rose Dunn and Christine Polle

Rose Dunn is a sacred activist living amidst the beauty of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She believes the existential threat of climate catastrophe may be the greatest collaborative opportunity of our lifetime. Rose is committed to fostering the discussion of innovative, positive solutions for the climate crisis with a focus on the survival of all sentient beings.

Christine Polle is an educator, healer, author and earth activist. For the past 20 years, she has lived in Treaty 3 territory in northern Ontario. She believes that the key to personal and planetary healing is facing our deepest fears. A registered nurse for 25 years, Christine now has a wellness practice focused on helping women transform their relationship to their bodies, food and money.

Listen to the Eaarth Feels podcast at eaarthfeelspodcast.com.

Here’s a link to our conversation on the Eaarth Feels podcast.

Join us this week as we ask Rose and Christine:

  • How do we simplify climate change for the average person?
  • What can we do as individuals to help our climate crisis?

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