Top 5 Things To Evaluate In Your Garden In September

1. Do my ornamental grasses need dividing?

2. Do my hostas need dividing?

Late fall is the best time to do #1 and #2 above, so determine if you should do this now and where the new plants will go so that you will be ready to do it next month.

3. Your summer flowering perennials – if they have finished flowering, cut them back to the green leaves and watch them flower again to get you thru fall with some colour.

fall garden4. Your garden – is something showy blooming? If not it’s a great time to add a Butterfly Bush, Burning Bush or even a Little Lime hydrangea. Fall impact is good.

5. Evaluate your summer containers. Is there a plant that is dying out? Remove it and add a fall annual to extend the season.  Kale is a great choice for cooler temperatures.

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    Little limes are facing west,8 hours of at least growing but flowers are hanging to the ground,can it be avoided. Thanks

      Joanne Shaw

      HI Mark,
      I suggest no pruning. Especially in the Fall. Just remove dead flower heads in the Spring.

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