7 Surprisingly Effective Tips For Gardening With Vegetables Organically

1. Start with good soil and amend with compost and/or manure to get everything off to a great start.

2. Choose good healthy plants. They can withstand a ‘bit more neglect’ than one struggling at the nursery.

3. It is easy and pretty much the same price to choose organic fertilizers, like worm castings, fish emulsion, seaweed and bloodmeal over chemical ones.

4. Companion planting with garlic and marigolds like our grandparents – because it still works.

5. Don’t overcrowd your garden especially if its small. Read the labels on the plants for desired spacing.

6. If growing tomatoes, pick off the cheaters that grow in each arm of the plant. If you don’t you will get a big plant with small amount of fruit.

7. Mulch the vegetable garden too. Like in your flower beds, it helps with weeds and water retention.

*Thanks to friend Dave Banton for some of the tips he uses in his garden.

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