Creative Ways You Can Use Trees For Privacy

Next to a request for low maintenance gardens, the request for privacy tops the list with my customers.

I do my best with the use of trees and wooden screening but many are concerned about how big trees grow and how they may affect neighbors etc.

On this tour I found no such concern… just aggressive plantings that really created privacy as well as a statement.

tree hedge
These trees were planted close together and ‘topped’ to create a hedge-like effect and provide privacy for homeowner from their raised deck.

Dawyck Beech tree grouping
This grouping of 5 Dawyck Beech trees created screening of the neighbors’ house from the homeowners’ window.

privacy hedge
This home with a circular drive created a statement entrance or privacy ‘hedge’ from the street depending on how you look at it. This row of beech contrast nicely with the pachysandra ground cover below. Could you see this in a backyard looking for privacy from a neighbors’ deck?

green beeches
This time green beeches were used under very mature trees to fill the narrow space between the driveway and the neighbors’ house.

hemlocks screening
Another example of creating screening. This time evergreens. Here are hemlocks planted closely together to fill this space. The pool was built last year.

I hope these pictures inspire you to think outside the box in your quest for privacy. Trees can be pruned and trimmed to make them into what we need them to be.  They are very resilient.

Concerning ourselves too much with their ‘future’ growth may be preventing us from having the backyard we want now.

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