Give Your Garden Time to Wake Before Tidying Up

Boots on wet soil

If you’re a subscriber to my monthly newsletter, you have undoubtedly read my yearly pleas to stay off your lawns and out of your gardens at this time of year.

I know the warmer weather has some people itching to start raking lawns and cleaning out gardens, but I urge you to refrain from doing so.

Stay off the lawn

The soft, wet soil is easily compressed, and walking on it damages the roots of our lawns and perennial plant material, preventing air and moisture from reaching them.

With compacted soils, spring rains will quickly run off the ground into the sewers instead of being absorbed into the soil.

Stay out of the garden

You can’t see it, but the garden is full of insect life right now. Among the dead leaves tangled at the base of shrubs and the tall dry flower stocks now empty of last year’s seed and tucked into the surface of the cool soil, there is a world of beneficial insects and their eggs, quietly sleeping until the warm weather of spring coaxes them to life.

By prematurely cleaning up the garden, you may inadvertently dispose of butterfly and other beneficial insect larvae.

Patience is key

Despite the warmer weather drawing us outside, patience is key when heading out to our yards and gardens for the first time. Allow the soil to dry and the spring warmth to bring life back to the garden. It will ensure we give everything its best chance for a strong, healthy start to the season.

Anxious to get back in the garden?

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