Our Environmental Impact: Solar Power

with Ray Jarvis from Solar Direct Canada

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We’ve reached the end of November here on Down the Garden Path. And although we’ve been talking with Garden Authors all month, we took a step back into October’s Our Environmental Impact theme. In this episode, we discuss solar power with Ray Jarvis of Solar Direct Canada.

Ray is the founder and owner of Solar Direct Canada. Solar Direct Canada has installed in excess of 500 solar projects in Southern Ontario and continues to sell and service systems today. He lives in Acton, Ontario with his wife, son and daughter.

Join us this week for our conversation with Ray Jarvis of Solar Direct Canada.

Ray answers a few of our questions:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into solar?
  • It sounds like you’re worth the drive to Acton. Tell us about Solar Direct Canada.
  • Where does someone start if they’re looking to get into solar power?
  • Is solar power becoming more accessible to homeowners?
  • Are there any new innovations on the horizon?

For more information on Solar Direct Canada, visit them online at www.solardirectcanada.com.

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  • January 25th: Welcome back! A look towards a new year.

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