Perennial Talk

with Gardens Plus’ Dawn Golloher

Down the Garden Path podcast Perennial Talk with Gardens Plus

Each week on Down the Garden Path, we discuss down-to-earth tips and advice for your plants, gardens and landscapes. As landscape designers and gardeners, we believe it is important and possible to have great gardens that are low maintenance.  Joining me on Down the Garden Path this week for Perennial Talk is Dawn Golloher, owner of Gardens Plus.

Gardens Plus is a garden nursery near Peterborough, Ontario, and an online plant mail-order business, specializing in easy-care perennials.

Their motto,

“We focus on easy-care perennials so you can enjoy your gardens not just work in them.”

is one gardeners everywhere can appreciate.

During Perennial Talk, Dawn and I remind everyone that it’s not too late to buy and plant perennials. We also discuss some tips for helping your plants thrive.

We chat about the best perennials for shade and sun. Dawn shares a variety of tips and tricks to make easy-care perennials even easier.

Dawn also shares some of her favorite new varieties and highlights some great pollinators for the garden. And we learn more about Gardens Plus as their business transitions into the next season.

At Gardens Plus, their goal is to create a unique, personalized and beautiful serene setting where you’ll find:

  • an incredible selection of easy-care perennials, such as Hosta, Coral Bells, Grasses, Coneflowers, Hellebores and Daylilies;
  • unique collections of many, including the newest Hosta ‘First Blush’ with pink leaves;
  • the largest selection of perennials in the region.

Please head on out and support Dawn at Gardens Plus or your local garden centre.


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